Call for Book Reviews and Reviewers

Call for Book Reviews: In-Mind Magazine

In-Mind Magazine is currently seeking reviewers interested in contributing short (< 2,500 words) book reviews. This may include retrospective discussions of classic works in psychology or reviews of more contemporary edited volumes, monographs, or popular books of interest to psychologists. Single submissions are welcome, and a handful of positions are available for those who would wish to be regular contributors.


In-Mind Magazineis a peer-reviewed online journal that publishes short reviews (about 2,500 words) of topics in all fields of psychology. Our outlet is uniquearticles are written for a broad audience, and intended to inform the general public about psychological trends and research. We wouldn't call ourselves pop-psychology, but we aren't a typical peer-review journal either. This gives you the unique opportunity as an author to speak directly to the public, but with all the rigor that comes with the peer-review process.


In-Mind has recently assembled a new team of diverse and enthusiastic editors, who are committed to making the magazine more successful than ever:


Matthew Baldwin, University of Cologne

Lucas Keefer, University of Southern Mississippi

Dylan Selterman, University of Maryland

Reine van der Wal, Radboud University Nijmegen

Emir Efendic, Technology University of Eindhoven

Eiko Fried, University of Amsterdam

Crystal Steltenpohl, University of Southern Indiana

Amanda Sesko, University of Alaska Southeast

Mitch Brown, University of Southern Mississippi


Please join us in our mission to make psychological science accessible to all. We look forward to your submissions!


On behalf of everyone at In-Mind Magazine,

Matthew Baldwin and Lucas Keefer, Editors in Chief