The meaning: poetic and spiritual reflections

The search for meaning is a journey that every human being must take in order to make sense of the futility, the emptiness, and the alienation that an indifferent universe has imposed us by random or by divine retribution from the moment of birth and until death.

It is often lauded when a skilled author is able to capture his inner most experiences and transduce it into meaningful words that communicate the strangulated truth that was once stifled by a socialization process which transformed us from human beings to human doings.

Steve Taylor, best-selling author and a lecturer in psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University and a researcher in transpersonal psychology at Liverpool John Moores University has written another stimulating book titled the The Meaning that conveys the inner screeching of a captured soul to free itself from the shackles of bondage to fake rules, thoughts, and morality through eloquent and contemporary poetic verses.

The book is a splendid piece of poetry that enlivens the mind and the spirit. It consists of a constellation of elegant contemporary verses and reflections connected to the author’s life. It starts with poems like the trick and the meaning, and ends with the sleeping baby and the end of desire. The poems are simple yet profound, provocative yet inspiring.

Overall, the book presents an interesting and enlightening literary experience. It displays a panoramic view of the variegated human feelings and spiritual experiences that connect us to a collective consciousness. It is also an exhibit of Taylor’s poetic skills, which he abandoned for years until he was jolted by sudden awakening and courage that revived in him this wonderful gift.

The Meaning will appeal to a wide audience, and will serve as a literary vehicle to awaken our deepest feelings and reconnect us to our humanity.


Taylor, S. (2012). The Meaning: Poetic and Spiritual Reflections. Alresford: John Hunt Publishing

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