The soul of all living creatures: what animals can teach us about being human

Do animals have souls? What is the connection between animals and people? Is there a spiritual bond between human and beast? How do animals impact our lives?

Dr. Vint Virga, a distinguished practitioner and leader in veterinary behavioral medicine has written a book that answers many of these questions.                                                                       
"The Soul of All Living Creatures" is a book about real life animal observations through the lenses of a veterinarian who encounters in his work with animals a variety of hurdles, and proposes imaginative solutions to help save or alleviate the suffering of these wonderful creatures. Per example, the author discusses a story about the connection he made with a dog that was traumatized after being hit by a truck, or talks about his encounter with a mouse that was trapped in the storm.

Moreover, the author discusses the spiritual bond and traits that bridge man to animal, then, he laces the examinations of his animal patients with his thoughts on mindfulness and spirituality. Each chapter elegantly addresses the common human-animal traits, ranging from sensitivity to adaptability and from integrity to forgiveness. He also suggests that humans can learn to incorporate these qualities more efficiently by compassionately discerning and attending to the existing needs and communications of the animals in their lives.

Furthermore, the author confronts the violence committed against animals in slaughterhouses or in alleged scientific experimentation, and provides his perspective as a man with a quest to enhance the quality of life for all living creatures. In addition, he consistently enlightens the readers throughout the book with his ample knowledge and clinical experience about animals and their behaviors.                                        

The picture of the girl hugging the adorable dog on the cover of the book is a perfect fit for the title of the volume and gives it a charming and attractive feel. It also clearly illustrates what the volume is about and displays the love that binds animal to human. The chapters flow smoothly from page to page bound together by an eloquent writing style that is original, creative, and graceful.

The author believes that there is a profound harmony between animals and humans. He edifies the importance of keeping an open mind and heart when dealing with animals as they hold the ability to be great teachers to us and propel us into a deeper self-knowledge and insight, if we allow ourselves to shed our rigid social roles and identities.

Finally, if you are an animal lover you will enjoy this sensitive and compassionate book, as you embark with the author on a broad journey behind the scenes of veterinarian care for animals in the zoos, in the homes, and in the wilderness. It will definitely provide you with an enjoyable and electrifying reading that will keep you yearning for more.


Vint Virga, D.V.M. (2013).  The Soul of All Living Creatures: What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human. New York, Crown Publishers.

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