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Call for Blogs: In-Mind Magazine

We invite you to submit a blog entry (1,000 words or less) for In-Mind Magazine, the flagship online journal of the In-Mind Foundation. In-Mind Magazine is a peer-reviewed online journal that publishes short reviews of topics in all fields of psychology. Our outlet is unique—articles are written for a broad audience, and intended to inform the general public about psychological trends and research.


Our blog section at In-Mind complements our peer-reviewed review articles and includes discussions of psychological phenomena (broadly defined) that use psychological research to address a hot topic, current event, social issue, fad, or trend with the general public using a conversational style of writing. Blog submissions may take on the form of an op-ed and submissions that address current events are particularly encouraged (see “Blog Options” below). Blogs entries are reviewed by our editorial team.


Blog Options: We offer 3 primary options for blogs at to which individuals can submit: Generalist Grab Bag, Interdisciplinary Inquiries, and Pop Culture Series.

  • Generalist Grab Bag: This blog option serves to provide a general overview of a topic in psychology that is not limited to any specific subfield or topic. Submissions in this option can represent any topic in psychology and should communicate relevant information to readers who may not have expertise in the topic.
  • Interdisciplinary Inquiries: This blog option serves to provide a diverse perspective on topics using both psychological research and scholarship from related fields of study (e.g., anthropology, neuroscience, linguistics, political science, etc.). Submissions for this blog option should include both psychologist and non-psychologist authors (at least one of each), or a clear discussion of scholarship that is from diverse perspectives.
  • Pop Culture Series: This blog option is aimed to present a theoretical interpretation of various events in pop culture (e.g., sports fandom, narrative themes in television) or a current zeitgeist in the hopes of providing a better understanding of the psychological phenomena that shape our lives within a multimedia culture. Submissions for this option should present a scientific, and theoretically sound, interpretation of an event in pop culture or a perspective on subcultures or niche communities.
  • We are also interested in blog concepts that may take on the form of periodic submissions from authors. If this is of interest to you, please email one of our blog coordinators directly to discuss.

In-Mind has recently assembled a new team of diverse and enthusiastic editors, who are committed to making the magazine more successful than ever. If you have any questions about submitting a blog entry, please contact our blog coordinator Amanda Sesko (


Thank you and we look forward to your submission (visit the blog submission page here)!


On behalf of everyone at In-Mind Magazine,


Matthew Baldwin, University of Cologne

Lucas Keefer, University of Southern Mississippi


Blog coordinators:

Amanda Sesko, University of Alaska Southeast

Mitch Brown, University of Southern Mississippi