In Mind International has relaunched

In Mind is a popular-science psychology journal that strives to make psychological knowledge accessible yet offer in-depth texts that relate results to different societal phenomena. The English version has been closed for submissions for a while due to staffing challenges, but still continues to reach many readers. Most find us via Google, and last year alone articles from the English language edition were shown about 8 million times in Google searches and the webpage had about 600 000 separate visits. This makes it an excellent platform to reach out to a general audience and we are thrilled to re-launch.

In-Mind publishes articles from all psychological subdisciplines that may interest a general audience. We wish to present psychological research in all its diversity and to get readers excited about psychological research and findings. The international version publishes short review articles in English written by active researchers.

Submissions go through a peer-review process in order to reach high quality both when it comes to the scientific content as well as its presentation.

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